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Can design change the world?


Six brilliant projects: a tower designed to reuse water and raise public awareness through a tour and a expo that also tries to connect different neighborhoods of different social classes. A floating garden designed to connect buildings and facilitate the passage of pedestrians. Building eco-friendly materials. A amazing module with a sophisticated design meant to harness the rainwater. A street graphic campaign with [...]


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Another busy day

Students will be working all night to prepare their presentations. The projects are almost done and for sure, will be wonderful. The final methodology has been very useful, although we have adapted to our workshop. Tomorrow we will have the results and conclusions.My expectations are very high and I am sure that students are not going to disappoint [...]


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Some good ideas

GREEN OASIS Purpose of the project is to create an area that can give rejuvenation in a public space by creating vertical green areas. This project should be built by integrating existing facility. The public facility that we chose for this project is bus stops or anything that related with public transportation. By choosing such [...]


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The students have worked very fast and after lunch we make a first and informal presentation. Supported by drawings, plans, photographs, stickers and a great sense of humor, they begin to raise very surprising solutions with a common idea: nature. It is clear that Jakarta does not have enough parks, trees, lakes and gardens, so students are released to fix [...]


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Better city, better life

Introduction Jakarta is a big city and is highly populated. It has many problems. Jakarta is also heavily influenced by the western culture and globalization and is losing its identity. Jakarta has been a city desperately trying to provide its citizens with what they like, its time to given them what they need. For a [...]


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