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Day 5 -The presentation-


  After discussing the overall idea, dig in the concept deeper, planning and designing the visual look, and making presentation drawing and 3D model, today we have to presents it in front of alejandro, our tutor and some guest judges. Our team is the last team to present the project ad we are so nervous. [...]


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4 Day –The Design-


Looks like time did fly so fast and we don’t realize that today is the fourth day of workshop. That means tomorrow is the final presentation. Today, we discuss about the site plan. We categorize some region in Jakarta and identify the best potentials in every district, such as a well-known culinary district in Pecenongan, [...]


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Day 3 –Oasis Project in Jakarta-


Today we discuss about the ideation and the design about the last concept that we had been presented in yesterday presentation. We reformat the concept based on yesterday presentation comments and critics both from the tutors and the participants. Basically our concept has change a little bit from the free-stress area into creating a park [...]


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Day 2 -Stress Free Space Integration in Vertical Garden Solution-


Jakarta as a capital city of Indonesia become a center of Indonesia’s development especially in economic. As a center development, it must have a good city environment working condition which Jakarta can’t provide it. It become a total hectic condition when the complexity mix up and create certain condition that can affect workers emotion and [...]


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Day 1 –Jakarta 24-Hours City of Hectic-

Basically, Jakarta is one of the complicated cities in Indonesia or maybe in the world. As the capital city of Indonesia, it becomes the center of development in many sectors, such as politic, economic, and business. Because of Jakarta become the center of development, it become a necessity to have a good city planning to [...]


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