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teeheee….. this is the rough design of the campaign Ondel-ondel presence has its own meaning for the citizens of Jakarta. No matter Betawi residents or immigrants who wash provision in the capital. The proof, until now, almost all children have certain memories of dolls with big eyes. There is prancing with delight watching the artists playing attractions ondel-ondel. Not [...]


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Okeydokey, these are all about our campaign…… KEYFACTS Benefits of Tree Planting: Absorb carbon due to burning of both the origin household industries, as well as motor vehicles. Carbon gases is what suspected to be the main cause of increased concentrations of gases in the air causing the reflection of sunlight back into the earth’s [...]


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jakarta through the eyes of jakartans

Almost everyone knows that the capital city of Jakarta is a busy, filled with a number of people who exploded with a barrage that brought the dynamics of each individual. Jakarta has an area of approximately 661.52 km ² (ocean: 6977.5 km ²), with a total population of 7,552,444 inhabitants (2007). Along with the Greater [...]


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