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Day 4 – Green Oasis


The day we have to finalize all of the projects. We create some sketches, 3d model, and presentation. It really needs a long time to finish them all…


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Domino Time

Photo 6

some students planning to spend the rest of workshop time in class.. And for dinner we’re having domino pizza…=)) thank you to sir elya that bought us Domino Pizzas Regards.. Indonesia’s teams…=))


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Day 2 Jakarta City – Hectic City

the presentation board

Our group did some concept, study image, sketches, and hypothesis. hypothesis: facilitating a business area with a space which can reduce stress, give refreshment, and inspiration by integrating the existing facility ( such as bus stop)


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Jakarta – Hectic City


Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, which means it is the center of a lot of activities. This is the reason why Jakarta can be a good business area and trade center easily. But this fast development also creates some problems, they are high traffic, high mobilization, high pressure from work, and high pollution. [...]


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