Jakarta Rindang

Jakarta Rindang on Pedestrian Overpass
Jakarta Rindang on Pedestrian Overpass
An example of application of Jakarta Rindang campaign on a pedestrian overpass. Real green plants will be planted to make the typography readable.

Jakarta Rindang

Descripción del Proyecto

Jakarta Rindang is a social campaign that uses local culture as a mediator to deliver the message of the campaign.

Nothing is perfect, so we analyze that this campaign also have positive and negative sides.

S.W.O.T Analysis
- Strength
Jakarta is completely polluted and public beliefs for the city itself had completely marginalized due to the degradation of human concern

- Weaknesses
Provide information without involving the interaction would be a boring and not interesting

- Opportunity
The concepts of this campaign is a brand new idea, so the public interest be high and this idea would be a some-kind-of-attraction in the tourists’ eyes.

- Threats
The threats are the apathetic urban society and some low-educated citizens that don’t understand the campaign messages.


BACKGROUND : Forests in Indonesia really suffered devastation with damage figures reaching 3.8 million ha per year, almost equal to the area of six football fields every minute of it. PROBLEMS : Air pollution, bad scenery

Objetivos del proyecto

Instill a thinking pattern into the society that planting trees is valuable, not only for the present, but also for the future.

Público objetivo del proyecto

- Demographic : Modern society (the Jakartans) with middle to upper economic class - Geographic : Society who live and conduct activities wherever office buildings are mainly located and wherever there is a lot of air pollutions due to lack of trees. - Psychographic : Urban community with individualistic urban lifestyle.


Using local culture as a mediator to deliver the message of the campaign. In this project, Ondel-ondel is used as an example of the Jakarta culture.


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