Jakarta’s Floating Eden

Public space VS private space? (Does building more shopping centre is what we need? or more parks?) At the first of the project we think that something that called a public must can enjoy by...


Jakarta’s Floating Eden

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Our team :

Steven Taruna

Daniel Elfresh Gunawan


My Jakarta, Your Jakarta, Our Jakarta

All thing here. If we want to see all of things in Jakarta, we can. Especially something that’s ‘est’ or ‘iest’. The highest, the lowest, the best, worst, the richest, the poorest, the greatest, the most luxurious, the cheapest, the worst, the modernist, the smartest, the busiest, etc.

As a busy city with all the activity here likes that Jakarta never have a little space to breath. I was remembered when my friend from Solo, one of city on Java said that People in Jakarta is so busy with their thing until they can’t have a time to break for a while. 1 hour in here not gives so much meaning to Jakartarians, not so much. Almost all the busiest Jakartarians will think that if I have more than 24 hours to … It likes that conditions will make a new character and probably more problems. It becomes more quick, more instant, more individualistic, more and more.

Your, Jakarta?

If Jakarta can cry, it will be. People busy about their thing until their forgot about the place when they stood up. Jakarta’s condition push people to move more quickly and our busiest thing take us away from our environment. Jakarta needs some free space to breath. It needs something more relax, more comfortable, healthier. Yes it is very contradiction with our condition now. The fact in Jakarta that the air supply is less than enough than the population of high rise building. It is scary that for about 13 years later from now, probably we can’t see Jakarta anymore. It also about traffic everywhere, overloaded high transportation, very high population and people became more consumerist. Let see about what is really Jakarta need for a while. Hmmm maybe it is not only about what people need, but we can think differently about what is Jakarta need or further what is the world needs.

Our Jakarta

We want something great, the best for our human daily activity. We need some more private space to leisure, to enjoy our hectic activity. Maybe we just need some recreational space, or instead a shopping mall probably? All things we want, it’s ideal. We need something that’s its perfect for our life, for balancing all things. But we must think, again, from different side about change our want to our need, to what is Jakarta need. Yes, we need the live that it becomes natural. We can’t live in a building that it is no window around. We need more natural for our 20-30 years later then. We need something refreshment. So do about Jakarta.

May be we must to think twice about just we NEED some more public space or private space. We NEED about shopping mall, café, restaurant, leisure area something that more modern or something that we back to our natural life?

Not become and not only about my Jakarta, but your, Jakarta, and about our Jakarta.


We focus of public space and private space’s usage. Global problem that happen in Jakarta as a capital city is citizen problem, high traffic, air pollution, high rises building, green space less, and unfriendly weather.

Objetivos del proyecto

The objective of this project of course to make our Jakarta become a better city, better life. We want to bring our green living closer to our environment with our alternative solution.

Público objetivo del proyecto

Our target is about me, you-our town and our-combine with what is really people need to what is Jakarta needed. For our world obviously.


We try to find several opportunity that we had based on what is Jakarta needed. There is a floating park. We are trying to make one park that’s the function is more than shopping mall. Our opportunities try to give more attention to the park in different ways on each park obviously. We try to give jobs for everyone who needs it. We think that we need some open space to interact each other and its better that being at mall. We can reduce air conditioner, energy from lamp too, and its more healthy. Bassically all of our opportunities offering new method to bring a ‘green’ situation to the society. So that we will complete their balancing life to have healthier space indirectly. The second is floating park. We try to make a giant big green roof basically on several condition of Jakarta. It is hard to find another location to put our park in there. We try to make opportunity that the function is not only as a park. We put our floating park above high rise building in Jakarta. So those busiest people can enjoy that. It is interesting because we can reduce more pollution and heat from unfriendly weather. Its can reduce heat from the building under the park. It is possible to make with technology, material and a right planning because several big city in the world like Jakarta already made this park and its work. The third is sustainable membrane. It is basically from Jakartarian’s waiting habits. Almost waiting place in Jakarta is in improperly conditions. This membrane is made from plants. This membrane is located in front of building and make a new layer in front of that so that under the building indirectly will make a new space that Jakartarian will use that.


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