How do we promote a healthy living in Jakarta. Make Jakarta a healthier city for better life



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It is a project that Health takes a contact with human sense through an experience journey. This ZIRCON PATH project is created from urban spaces with architecture, attractive space, atractive program and recycle system as experience and educated journey. We aim to make a Jakarta a Healthier City to be a Better City, Better Life. The target is try to teach Jakarta’s citizen to care the environment, to have a healthy life through a journey. So in this project people will experience by their sense, make them feel uncomfortable, see the disgusting, smell the stinky, touch the unhealthy living, hear the sound of “yewh or yaks” and the journey end with touch and experience how the healthy living. In that journey we will provide citizen some attractive space with attractive program that can educate Jakarta’s citizen and interest them to recycling, not only garbage,waste but also the water.

Health takes a contact with human sense through an experience journey. We want to create a journey that makes people understand how bad theirs habits are and how danger are their lives. Since citizens are very stubborn people who just care about their own business, they must be push hardly to learn caring their environment. The context is around the river which is one of the life sources in Jakarta, historical place (kota tua) is also a meeting point of Jakarta’s citizen and tourist, dead area, and the big dam of Jakarta. The another issue that become the basic problem which is very related to its context is the contaminated river. On that aim, we chose the Pluit Dam with its river. The dam and the river already takes part as the jakarta core because it lies till half of jakarta. The dam also become the end point of the whole river which is all the garbage and waste gather together. That’s why this project become the recycling project from recycling the garbage till the water that can be tasted directly by the user.  Hoping they can learn through the experience of effect and space that we created.

This project will need human five sense. At the first point, the user will start the journey from the kota tua, a historical place of Jakarta. And they will have bike or delman as the transport.if some of them prefer walking, it also doesn’t matter because the trail will be like a park which have benches for  taking a rest. At the second point they will meet an avenue but it is being created attractively by the waste or garbage. They will challenge their five sense to cross that avenue, but, it isn’t a really bad part, because the avenue will be designed attractively and it maybe can become one of the tourism object. At the last point, they will see a place like a dream land, which is clean every where and they will have a waste park entertainment and The Water Walk. The Water Walk is a tower, itself will provide drinking water that have been recycled from the river that full of waste.

People can walk and learn how to recycle and treat the water. Inside this tower there is Water Museum, Aquatic Habitat, Water Treatment demonstration, Dispencer for drinking water, and  Viewing Terrace on the Top,

like water ripple


City that never die. That’s how we call Jakarta. As big city with 11 million citizen, many labels that stick on it actually, like cosmopolitan, worst traffic, busy, noisy, dirty, and very contrast city. We can see obviously between the wealthy and poor citizen, between the exclusive community and slums. Somehow from that situation, Jakarta than has a very discriminative life. The next problem,are the habits also different? Maybe, but not so different at all. It can be caused by less education, less knowledge, or never know about negative impact of all of their bad habits. First habit,which is become the basic problem of Jakarta city is people never throw rubbish in the right place. It gives many “presents” to our beloved Jakarta. Presents??? Yah so many unexpected gives , deseases is one of them. Deseases never choose its receiver so whether rich or poor, it just in. Let us see deeper, where are the rubbish being thrown daily? The faster way is just throw it to the nearby open space. River is one of it. Many reasons that we can guess about that bad habit. River can flow anything, but remember if there aren’t any disturbances. They just throw it, nobody knows, and let it flows. Then second habit, which is the progress factor of the first habit. The passive citizens don’t care much about their environment, because, all the world know that, Jakarta is a very big city and very busy. Everybody just care about their own business. Nothing can make them realize that their habits make them in danger.So the single way to make them know the real condition is makes them feel it.

Objetivos del proyecto

we want to create urban spaces with architecture, attractive space, atractive program and recycle system as experience and educated journey

Público objetivo del proyecto

It is for all the citizen, across every age from the youngest untill the eldest towards a better Jakarta, a healthier Jakarta


How? Touch, smell, see, feel, hear, these five sense can be the usefull tools sometimes to punish the human. Make them feel uncomfortable, see the disgusting, smell the stinky, touch the unhealthy living and hear the sound of “yewh or yaks”. Sometimes teaching is not always as smooth as you think, being cruel to teach the stubborn maybe one of the best way. With all of that , are that enough??just one more steps, they must have it. The river, which is placed as the giant rubbish bin, must be tasted by the human. Hoping they will be amazed of the process, from where they had being experience in the beginning , till the recycling area, of course the water can be taste and it is clean, but make people to drink that is hard. They must believe that the water is really clean. So we need to invite them to see the cleaning process. At the end we just can hope, they will change their bad habit and the other side, they become the participant of healthy city healthy life.


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