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Living Water Purifiers whose lifes are given by the citizen

Green Water
Green Water

Green Water-eco project

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What is culture?

Culture is a way of life that developed and owned by a group of people and passed down from generation to generation.

One of the element of culture by Bronislaw Malinowski  is system of social norms that enable collaboration between members of society to adjust to the natural surroundings.

In this city ,Jakarta, culture has been the less priority in the life of the citizen.

Who knows what culture is?

What is the real meaning of culture?

And most of all who care about culture if life is a day by day survival?

The citizens of Jakarta tend to be egoistic, individualist and lack of trust to their own city.

Life is a day by day survival, to fulfill their needs.

“Why should I care about what culture is if tomorrow my family can’t eat, don’t have a shelter to live?”

But something that the citizen of Jakarta don’t realize is culture is them.

They are culture, everyday of their life is culture.

Culture is their identity.

Based on a research, Jakarta citizen’s stresses are caused by the poor urban planning.

It leads to problems and problems. Traffic, air pollution, sound pollution, floods.

And all of this environmental  problems leads to a worst community where people didn’t respect each other, didn’t respect the environment and didn’t respect the nature where they live.

We believe that the truth is Jakarta citizen wants a better environment,

but they didn’t know where to start.

Here we try to find a solution to create a green environment through the participation of the citizen.

We are trying to educate the citizen that they can do something and by then we hope that they will have sense of belonging to the city so they will always try to create a better environment in the future and the cycle goes on.


Creating  living water purifiers that grow through the whole city, creating connecting pedestrian route.

Here we are giving a solution by a growing campaign:

STEP 1 – The government creating the module’s basic structure for the citizen.

STEP 2- The citizen give life to the module

STEP 3- The module provide clean water for the citizen

To start the campaign, we’ll choose an area from every region with committee on each area

It will grow through times, day by day, creating a ‘green chain’, connecting every area of the city.


The module is a living tower with plantation area on the top of it.

1) The rain water will be absorb by the plants on the top of the module.

2) It will goes down to the rain barrel bellow the ground.

3) If the citizen want to use the water, they have to pump it by rotating the handle, so the water will come out through the water filter to the water tap. (The rotating pump purposed is to avoid the excessive used by the citizen)

In the future, the Jakarta city will have a green pedestrian route that will motivate the citizen to walk through the city,

creating more interaction among the citizen and creating a better weather in the city.


Lack of green area that leads to unpredictable weather Lack of sense of belonging that leads to vandalism

Objetivos del proyecto

To create sense of belonging that will provide clean water for the citizen, creating a green environment, creating a connecting pedestrian route

Público objetivo del proyecto

The whole Jakarta citizen, middle-up and middle-down class society.


The government start, the citizen participate to keep the module alive, the citizen get clean water.


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