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Green Oasis

Descripción del Proyecto

The project is to create a horizontal garden which is build above the street, facilitated with the supporting facilities based on every local district needs and potential sources, integrated with the government public transportation which is busway. This project called green oasis because this area will be a spot which is giving the rejuvenation for some people who stay in it from the hectic condition in Jakarta city like an oasis in the dessert.

We build it above the street because the street is a facility that mostly vehicle that will pass it. We create it above it in order to minimize the problem. If we build it above the house or other public activity place, it might disturb for some people activity and it can create another problems. To give the impact also for the drivers, we treat the construction wall inside the tunnel by vertical green wall (which made from module) so the drivers will enjoy the green view when the traffic happens in that street. The wall treatment also can minimize the noise problem that come up from the vehicle.

Why a garden? Basically people needs a nature to live. Nature is the one that connecting us indirectly. We live at it together, we use it together, and this is what we need in order to refresh our mind for all problem by using 4 senses that we’ve got. Seeing green color which is impact in color psychology to give a certain calm feelings for us, smelling the fresh air which is produce by biology cycle over the green plants, hearing the sounds of natural elements, and touching the natural things to give certain positive emotion. Garden is one way to get all that natural effects in a city. With a garden hopefully we can minimize the number of air pollution that mostly come from traffic and increasing the number of absorption area that caused a flood in some area in Jakarta.

We integrated this project with a public transportation so all the people can use it together as a new place for public facility. By providing a pleasant view, this garden hopefully become a place as refreshing point from the hectic condition in the public transportation waiting line or the unsupported condition from the pedestrian pathway such as air pollution and noise that come from the traffic.

Oasis will be provided by supported facilities based on local needs. Jakarta is well known by some specific district like Mangga Dua, Tanah Abang, and Senen as a trading district, Soedirman and Kuningan as a business district, Ancol and Cikini as an art district, Kota Tua, Monas, and Pasar Baru as a historical district. but some of them is not treated well by local government so there are a different quality look in every region. By designing oasis in every well known district we try to build a connection in each area in order to create a unity in Jakarta based on this green oasis. And every area will be facilitated by supporting facilities based on local needs for example an art district will be provided with a mini open theater so artists can express their emotion by performing their skills and abilities, an area for doing painting and sculpting. The business district will be provided a private area as refreshing point for workers surrounds that district or maybe become a meeting place outside the office to get a better view. While in historical area will be provided with so many information about the journey of this site and what is it looks like before the development. By facilitating it with the local district needs, we hope this oasis will be long last because people feel the impact of green oasis. If people can feel the impact there is a connection and people will treat the public facilities well because oasis fulfill their needs.


Jakarta is a city that have several district and each of them have certain potential that can be developed, such as Mangga Dua, Senen, Tanah Abang are trading business, Kota Tua, Pasar Baru, and Monas are historical district, Cikini and Ancol are art district, Soedirman and Kuningann are business district, and many more. But ironically some of that districts are not treated well by the local government which crates a different quality in each area in visual way. As a developed city, Jakarta is very interesting for some other people who live at village to try their luck for a better living and they prefer to live in Jakarta than their village. This problem cause a space crisis in Jakarta. People demolish some of green and absorption area to build their house and it is increasing the number of air pollution in surrounds the Jakarta. Mostly Jakarta citizen have a low behavior. Some did a vandalism to a public facilities that make it look not well treat and even break down.

Objetivos del proyecto

Is to create an additional space that can reduce the number of air pollution and also increase the number of absorption area. Integrating it with the public facilities so people can feel the impact directly and hopefully can increasing the usage of that public facilities. To educate Jakarta citizen into a better behavior by providing what they need based on every local district so they can feel the impact of this facilities and treat them well.

Público objetivo del proyecto

This area will be provided for people around the site and of course especially for the public facility users. People who need a rejuvenation also can use this project.


The solution is to create a garden above the street to create more green area and absorption area and providing it with a facilities based on every local district needs so people will feel the impact of this project and treat the facilities well if they can feel the advantages of this project and emphasize the potential resource in every Jakarta district. This project will be integrated with the government development project of busway public transportation in order to easier people to reach this site and hopefully increasing the usage of public transportation than private vehicle which indirectly decreasing the number of traffic and air pollution.


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