Can design change the world?

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Can design change the world?

Saturday, 22 de May de 2010, by Alejandro Norniella

Six brilliant projects: a tower designed to reuse water and raise public awareness through a tour and a expo that also tries to connect different neighborhoods of different social classes. A floating garden designed to connect buildings and facilitate the passage of pedestrians. Building eco-friendly materials. A amazing module with a sophisticated design meant to harness the rainwater. A street graphic campaign with a high visual impact designed to bring social awareness and involve citizens. And a green oasis designed to improve public transport areas, creating different parks in different districts of the city. These are some of the ideas that students have given us today. An excellent presentation with models, drawings, 3Ds, prints, photographs and more material I expect students upload soon on the web. The results have been real good but the process has been better. In only one week starting from a difficult challenge, students have been able to surprise everyone with several of ideas that certainly would be able to turn the city of Jakarta in a better place to live. Congratulations to everyone!

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danielelfreshgunawan said

no se pueden hacer grandes obras sin ti, Allejandro =)

Posted23 May, 2010 at 20:33

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