4 Day –The Design-

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4 Day –The Design-

Friday, 21 de May de 2010, by irving

Looks like time did fly so fast and we don’t realize that today is the fourth day of workshop. That means tomorrow is the final presentation. Today, we discuss about the site plan. We categorize some region in Jakarta and identify the best potentials in every district, such as a well-known culinary district in Pecenongan, Mangga Besar and business district like in Kuningan and Sudirman. After we identify the potential in every district, we analyze the basic local needs in that district so we can maximize the function of the garden to the users and hopefully the garden will give a good feedback for the users.

After that, we did some planning and measurement about the garden. We discuss about how large it’s gonna be, What kind of activity that will be supported in that garden, and also how to integrate the existing bridge pathway with the garden so it will look more blend without demolishing the main shape of the bridge. After a very long argumentation, we started to create the final drawing and also build the 3d model.

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