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Thursday, 20 de May de 2010, by natashagabriellatontey

teeheee….. this is the rough design of the campaign :D

Ondel-ondel presence has its own meaning for the citizens of Jakarta. No matter Betawi residents or immigrants who wash provision in the capital. The proof, until now, almost all children have certain memories of dolls with big eyes. There is prancing with delight watching the artists playing attractions ondel-ondel. Not one little boy who cried too scared.

Actually, the doll couple is adapted from the Chinese tradition, culture that affects some of the development of Betawi culture. Originally, this art ondel ondel-named Barongsan thick with a typical Chinese name. It is said that ancient times, the population in an area affected by disease outbreaks Betawi. The residents believe that sickness is a form of attack from evil spirits.

To expel bullies creature that, residents play a couple dolls. In the past, before paraded ondel-ondel, the players have to undergo special rituals include giving offerings to the Almighty.Offerings provided in the form of seven visual interest and seven types of food in the basket.The goal summon spirits to destroy the evil spirit that was disturbing residents. However, the habit was becoming faded line development progress. The ceremony was deemed no longer relevant to the teachings of Islam, the religion which is generally adopted by citizens of Batavia. Now, ondel-ondel become figures guarding the village ancestors.

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