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Thursday, 20 de May de 2010, by natashagabriellatontey

Okeydokey, these are all about our campaign……
Benefits of Tree Planting:
  1. Absorb carbon due to burning of both the origin household industries, as well as motor vehicles. Carbon gases is what suspected to be the main cause of increased concentrations of gases in the air causing the reflection of sunlight back into the earth’s surface and cause the earth’s surface temperature increase (global warming) through the process of photosynthesis, carbon dioxide (CO2) is also processed by the trees to produce O2 (oxygen) that is very necessary human
  2. Sifting dirt (dust, ash factory / household). Canopy of leaves on the branches of trees stuck into the street dust, ash and ash factory households, which in turn in times of rain, dirt or ash will be leached by rain water.
  3. Reduce some air pollutants. Some substances contain air pollutants in acid rain that, if carried away and form acid rain, it can endanger the health of the skin and cause corrosion. Canopy and the foliage of trees will serve to hold the rain, and on some tree species will issue guttation to neutralize the acid content in rainwater brought.
  4. Improve environmental comfort. The trees are able to form a cool microclimate, reduce noise, prevent dazzling sun, reduce the foul smell and sight that insulate less feasible.

Random Facts:

  • Air pollution in Jakarta is the worst in all of Indonesia, to the point that some residents of Jakarta gave the nickname “city pollution” to him. The emergence of the nickname was certainly not without reason at all
  • Tree planting that is suitable in roadside plants should have the benefit of beauty, as an absorber of pollutants, as a protection from sun and noise silencer and has a hydrological benefits that support the natural cycle of ground water.

Suitable crops planted by the roadside among others:

  1. Plant large trees such as Canary, Mahogany, Angsana, Kecrutan, Myrtle, Palm King, Lagerstroemia, Norfolk, Saga, Acid and Pines Sumatra.
  2. Plant a tree is like: Red Dadap, Dadap Belang, Lagerstroemia Ordinary Jakaranda, Palm, Red Handkerchief, widow Merana, Bintoro and Santalun.
  3. Small plants such as: Acid Londo, Cicas, Red Palm, Bottle Palm, Phoenix, Palm of Japan, Yellow Palm, Wine Palm, Walisongo, Pinang Jambe, Princess Palm, Palm Triangle.
Forests in Indonesia really suffered devastation with damage figures reach 3.8 million ha per year, almost equal to the area of six football fields every minute of it (Source: Forestry Planning Agency, 2003).

S.W.O.T Analysis

  • Strength, The strength was in Jakarta is completely polluted and public confidence will be his own city had completely marginalized due to the times that carve a degradation of the natural human concern.
  • Weaknesses, Provide information would be a boring and not interesting if done without involving the interaction of the message with the targeted community.
  • Opportunity, Opportunities of the campaign is to succeed because the city really is polluted and concepts that will be presented in this campaign have never been here before so should the public interest will be high and our expectations are covert foreign tourists can also enjoy this campaign.
  • Threat, The threats are so apathetic urban communities and do not believe in global warming issues and communities that are not educated enough to make it difficult for incoming messages in their minds.


Goals / Objectives of this project, among others:

It should be inculcated to the generation now that the movement of planting trees / plants in order to value the present and for future generations.

Tree planting movement that causes the benefits must be done as soon as possible. Movements in a simple tree planting can be done in the front yard or surrounding environment and in an environment of public facilities with useful crops such as fruit or a shade plant. In the complex replant trees or reforestation movement conducted in areas such as IT former tin mine excavation and conservation areas / protected with a plant / tree protectors or shade, the sap-producing trees, producing fruit, producing wood / leather-producing rods and wood / substance Fantastic. This plant movement is expected in the future action can lead to great benefits.
Minimal to present the benefits of tree planting movement is found a comfortable and clean.


  1. Communication Strategy, Using the installation as one element of a campaign that is placed on the city, including public streets, sidewalks, parks, and places to visit strategic general public.
  2. Media Strategy, Communicating the campaign through these outdoor installations, Print-Ad, TVC, banners that are placed on the popular social networking in the present, and opened a stand in public places.
  3. Creative Strategy, Actually there are no specific criteria in the selection of target audience, although the messages to be delivered later will not be up to every single layer of the society,  but the physical form of this campaign can be enjoyed by all people, both local and foreign tourists.

Target Audience Segmentation

-       Demographic
Modern society which have activities in urban areas

-       Geographic
Live and conduct activities in the big city / metropolitan city, where office buildings are located and lots of air pollution due to the lack of trees.

-       Psychographic
Middle to upper class, urban community with urban lifestyle individualistic. However, do not close the possibility of this installation can also be enthused by the middle class down.

-       Cohort Internet
Target audience living in the year 1970-up with nature more open, more democratic, free to criticize, double-income parents, the orientation of the human resources investment, tend to get information from the Internet, and depending on the technology.

7 W

1. Whom are we talking now?

Actually, who are properly targeted and subjected to movement of planting this tree? Community, Government, Corporate, NGOs or others? Forest destruction as has been disclosed, certainly happen in the area of state forest. Therefore, it should be a priority target of planting forest trees is a country that has suffered damage, and the Government or the institution / business entity is authorized by the Government to manage the state forest area that is supposed to have a great responsibility success of tree planting.

2. Where are we in the mind of this audience?

People who care about natural issues ranging from NGOs, the Ministry of Forestry & Health own cities and communities who want a better city.

3. Where is our competition in the mind?

Struggle for opinions about the planting of trees will change this nation in the future.

4. Where would we like to be in the mind of this audience?

In order for this campaign may be remembered by the audience and recorded their brain so that the audience will then be aware and do unusual things they do, from not concerned with air pollution so that care and hopefully the start there was awareness of tree planting.

5. What’s the promise?

Promising a better generation with hearts that are more concerned with the environmental conditions that occurred in the city of Jakarta as well as concerned with mythological figures and historical city of Jakarta. And his hope is that in the next few years a generation that has been given information about this campaign really touched and really moved to do an action.

6. What’s the supporting evidence?

The research of experts and a case that really happened lately.

7. What’s the tone of the voice of the advertising campaign?

Convey a message by examining the characteristics of the audience first so that to convey a message can be targeted. Based on research on the target audience, expected audience likes something a little symbolic adjusted for their education level, decorative, and trendy line with the times.


Supporting this social campaign is supported with an installation designed as a public service ad that is supported by other applications in the form of print ad in magazines and newspapers, brochures / flyers are informative, and TV-commercial.

Concept design of this public service advertisement is by way of conveying information about the result obtained from the lack of trees in Jakarta by using figures of mythology and history of the city, such as Si Pitung, Dutch Lady that used to live in Indonesia before the Indonesian Independence day, Benjamin Sueb as the local (Batavian) film hero, etc.

Emotional approach would be to give the feeling shocked, scared and worried through the design elements are applied in the design of public service ads, but adopt the pure art that can still be entertainment for the general public.


Our Inspiration. A very interactive installation on the National Gallery.

could the authentic mask of indonesian affect our visual execution?

our previous work based on cultural issue:

The Assalamualaikum Wayang

by Natasha Gabriella Tontey

rubber time

by Gianines Larastia

mayhap this is our remorse for the imtemperate speech

- Natasha Gabriella Tontey & Gianines Larastia

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