Public space VS private space

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Public space VS private space

Thursday, 20 de May de 2010, by Alejandro Norniella

There is a lot of public space in Jakarta that use for activity, to interact each other. Basically those facility using for our public needed without seeing maybe where are you come from, which class are you, or etc. Perhaps sometimes we forgot about the effect of our ‘public space’ in our human behavior or human balancing life. Yeah, basically is not from what we want but it comes from what we need.

We try to find several opportunity that we had based on what is Jakarta needed. There is a floating park. We are trying to make one park that’s the function is more than shopping mall. Our opportunities try to give more attention to the park in different ways on each park obviously. We try to give jobs for everyone who needs it. We think that we need some open space to interact each other and it’s better that being at mall. We can reduce air conditioner, energy from lamp too, and it’s more healthy. Basically all of our opportunities offering new method to bring a ‘green’ situation to the society. So that we will complete their balancing life to have more healthy space indirectly.

The second is floating park. We try to make a giant big green roof basically on several condition of Jakarta. It is hard to find another location to put our park in there. We try to make opportunity that the function is not only as a park. We put our floating park above high rise building in Jakarta. So those busiest people can enjoy that. It is interesting because we can reduce more pollution and heat from unfriendly weather. Its can reduce heat from the building under the park. It is possible to make with technology, material and a right planning because several big city in the world like Jakarta already made this park and its work.

The third is sustainable membrane. It is basically from Jakartarian’s waiting habits. Almost waiting place in Jakarta is in improperly conditions. This membrane is made from plants. This membrane is located in front of building and make a new layer in front of that so that under the building indirectly will make a new space that Jakartarian will use that.

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