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Improve awareness about environment

Thursday, 20 de May de 2010, by Alejandro Norniella

In Jakarta, we can see a lot of buildings which are not friendly to our environment.  A lot of engineers do not think the effect to the condition around.  Now a day, a lot of the developing of buildings cause the increasing the pollution of air in Jakarta.  Why? It is because most of all buildings use concrete.

Concrete is a famous material for building now a day.  It has a lot of advantages and less disadvantages.  One of the advantage is easy to use, and malleable.  Besides the advantage, there are also some disadvantages of concrete, one of them is the pollution.  The material for the concrete like, cement, soft aggregate, hard aggregate.  The exploitation of those materials can cause ruin the environment.  Why? Those aggregates are from the nature. The more using those aggregates means disrupting the nature.  Not only the aggregates, the production of cement also needs big energy.

A lot of people builds the building is not based on planology at Jakarta.  They try to build the building in every empty land.  Because of that, the Greenland is getting diminished. The place for Greenland is used for the building.  The less place for Greenland, the more pollution we have in Jakarta, because there’s no absorption for the polluted air, especially the pollution from the vehicle.

The using of concrete and less place for Greenland are major problem that we have in Jakarta.  Both problems encourage us to do some changes to Jakarta.  Those changes are the making the garden roof, wall plant and recycle of the ex concrete. By doing those changes, we hope there will be the improving of the awareness about our environment of the city.

Garden roof and wall plant

As we say before, the place for Greenland is getting diminished.  The solution is by making the garden roof and wall plant. Those solutions is our way to get the green Jakarta. The kind of plants that we can use is creepers and fiber plant, so it does not effect on the strength of the concrete.

How about the installation for the plants? As we know that, the plants need water to live, but in other case a structure is not resistant to water.  A solution is by using the waterproofing for the structure.  For example, we need to use the waterproofing paint  for the panel precast.  After the waterproofing process, is the placement for the panel soil.  The panel soil can be made from mild steel, that is installed on the panel precast.  After that, we can fill the space between the panel precast and the mild steel with the soil for the plant.

Green concrete

As we know that there a lot of rubble from the building that is not useful anymore.  It’s better, if we recycle those rubble.  We can use those rubble as aggregate for the new concrete.  By using those rubble, we have reduced the construction waste, that’s also reduce the air pollution.  The usage of the rubble can not replace the real aggregate completely.  May be only about, one third of the usage real aggregate itself.

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