day 3. it will be GREEN OASIS

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day 3. it will be GREEN OASIS

Thursday, 20 de May de 2010, by stefanimeriama

After did brain storming  for a lil while – or brain bang that we should bing-bang our brain-, my team changed the main topic, not for how make a stress-free area in Jakarta, but how to make  public space include private space in the city. It’s because we think the solution for this problem will have same impact that make a stress-free area.

hum.. So, my team will called our project as GREEN OASIS. Green Oasis is a vertical ‘green’ living area that integrating with public facility- bus stops area and also bus tracks area. It gonna be green track that adapt local district needs so the area will have different identity with other different location.

This is our project board with the opportunities and the problems.


yaa,this is some our works today. Unfortunately, there’re so much thing we must do and it makes me tired. Also, I must keep my energy for tomorrow. All of this make me can’t explain a lot bout the project…hum.. But, surely, still exited bout this project.

Hope my team and I can discover more over tomorrow and make this project better…. :) ciaaa…..

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