Day 3 –Oasis Project in Jakarta-

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Day 3 –Oasis Project in Jakarta-

Thursday, 20 de May de 2010, by irving

Today we discuss about the ideation and the design about the last concept that we had been presented in yesterday presentation. We reformat the concept based on yesterday presentation comments and critics both from the tutors and the participants. Basically our concept has change a little bit from the free-stress area into creating a park that can maximize the usage of public transportation and identifying the identity of a district, such as art district, business district, industrial district, etc. We categorize the region based on the busway transportation pathway and identifying fundamental needs of each region. For some case, business district maybe need more space that can give a relaxation to the users, art district needs an open space to be used by a group of performance to shown their capability in public. By this analysis of the local needs, hopefully the hanging garden becomes a place that can give a positive impact to the users.

Oasis means a fertile spot in the dessert where  water founds. Instead of that meaning, Oasis becomes some rejuvenating point for the people who pass the dessert or get stuck in the dessert condition which is infertile and amazingly hot. This is such an metaphor with the Jakarta city condition which is very busy and crowded. Oasis becomes a refreshing point in the Jakarta where the facilities that have been provided in this oasis based on local district needs. So it can be a place for taking a little break from Jakarta hectic condition. Beside that, this place is easily reachable because of the integration with the public facilities in transportation sector.

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