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Some good ideas

Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by Alejandro Norniella


Purpose of the project is to create an area that can give rejuvenation in a public space by creating vertical green areas. This project should be built by integrating existing facility. The public facility that we chose for this project is bus stops or anything that related with public transportation. By choosing such a public trans, it will encourage people to use it. Our intention is to create more green areas in Jakarta in order to decrease the air pollution. We also try to make this area respond to district needs so it can give positive effect to its users.


  1. possible solution to expand the green area
  2. increasing the usage of public facilities because of the integration with project
  3. beside expanding green area, it can be an additional hydration area
  4. provide both private and public area at the same place
  5. combination with technology in sustainable and eco friendly design
  6. response to the area needs as implementation of creative city


  1. bad city plan
  2. the green structure
  3. maintenance
  4. keeping the private and public condition difference so the users still can define the purpose of place
  5. people habits



Health takes a contact with human sense through an experience journey. We want to create a journey that makes people understand how bad theirs habits are and how danger are their lives. Since citizens are very stubborn people who just care about their own business, they must be push hardly to learn caring their environment. On that aim, we chose the Pluit Dam with its river. The dam and the river already takes part as the jakarta core because it lies till half of jakarta. The dam also become the end point of the whole river which is all the garbage and waste gather together. That’s why this project become the recycling project from recycling the garbage till the water that can be tasted directly by the user. Hoping they can learn throught the experience of effect and space that we created.

We offer 3 points of stopping point that also become the part of whole journey, so there will be a hierarchy of the program from the beginning till the end. the 3 points are:
1. we start from the kota tua, an historical city
2.  next point is a place where the garbages are being recycle and there also a waste avenue. creating a disgusting place
3.  where the the clean and the last process show to the user. at the end user can taste the water within the building


  1. With a long site, it can be an a long open space and green area
  2. It’s easy to have program steps and create a hierarchy of it, because of the long site
  3. One of the huge open space in jakarta
  4. Because it is located near kota tua, a historical place, and stasiun kota as bus and train terminals, the site can be access easily. Plus, in the next few years, there will be busway and MRT crossing it (according to the government city plan)
  5. These program also can improve the economic of the low class, by using their bike and delman as the primer transport for travelling along the river.
  6. Revive the dead area
  7. There is an empty space in the north of the dam, so the slums can move there then, and they can be paid for the mantainance of the programs that we offer
  8. The exclusive and the  poor can blur to a community because the site is surrounded by two category of settlement, ellite and low.


  1. Jakarta is very crowded and there are not open space
  2. Bad habits of the jakarta citizen. Throwing rubbish not in the right place.
  3. The river that become the souce of life full of rubbish
  4. Many slums
  5. Dead area, dead economy progress on some points
  6. Too many rubbish on the river that caused flood in Jakarta
  7. Less of nature and green space
  8. Some citizens are stubborn and don’t care about of the environment
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