Jakarta – Hectic City

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Jakarta – Hectic City

Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by nadianatalia

Jakarta is the capital city of Indonesia, which means it is the center of a lot of activities. This is the reason why Jakarta can be a good business area and trade center easily. But this fast development also creates some problems, they are high traffic, high mobilization, high pressure from work, and high pollution. Those problem can increase the stress level to people.

Because of the high stress problem, how to make a free stress city was chosen as the topic of this workshop. Based on the simple research (by interviewing some people), there are some things which can usually be done to reduce their stress level. They are seeing green things, resting, and being alone to do some meditation or retrospection.

The solution that came up is creating a green space which can be used to rest, reduce stress, give refreshment, and inspiration. But there goes another problem, Jakarta does not have any free big area anymore to build this solution. Furthermore, if we imagine Jakarta in the next 20 years, the population must be getting more and more crowded. So this stress free area should be build in some existing area, not by demolishing all parts of the existing one. And that means this area will be built vertically.

Seeing this condition, the possible existing area which can be used is bus stop because it is a place where a lot of people will pass by and has a very high mobilization. Maybe the first idea to make this project is by designing such tunnel in the bus stop. The green area will be placed in the top and the both side of the tunnel. The top area will become a roof garden and the place to put some private areas for people who need some quiet condition alone. This roof garden also can become an interesting crossing way / crossing area between two different sides of road.

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