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Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by Alejandro Norniella

The students have worked very fast and after lunch we make a first and informal presentation. Supported by drawings, plans, photographs, stickers and a great sense of humor, they begin to raise very surprising solutions with a common idea: nature. It is clear that Jakarta does not have enough parks, trees, lakes and gardens, so students are released to fix the problem from different angles. The presentations has been agile and very participatory. All they ask, suggest ideas and try to make their point of view. It receives much respect and enthusiasm.

All the students have created some very interesting ideas as recycled flooring, natural architecture, stress-free spaces above the road, modules built with trash or reuse water and have worked with amazing concepts, such as folklore, ghosts, class equality, education, or health. Tomorrow we will try to bring all these ideas -some of them a little idealistic- in the real world.

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