Day 2 -Stress Free Space Integration in Vertical Garden Solution-

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Day 2 -Stress Free Space Integration in Vertical Garden Solution-

Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by irving

Jakarta as a capital city of Indonesia become a center of Indonesia’s development especially in economic. As a center development, it must have a good city environment working condition which Jakarta can’t provide it. It become a total hectic condition when the complexity mix up and create certain condition that can affect workers emotion and intends to give a negative response of feedback from the human mind which is happen in long-term period that we’ve known as stress syndrome. Based with that research, we try to create a free-stress area that can be some refreshing point, including some specific criteria which is meditation, refreshment, and inspiration place. As we focusing with the purpose of the project, we find another problem that we face, are there enough free space in Jakarta to build an area like it considering the high population growth number in Jakarta 20 years later? Dealing with the kind of problems, we try to create a place not horizontally on the land but vertically from the land like a hanging garden. The hanging garden will provide enough space to create the stress-free area and it also can accomplish the solution of balancing green area in Jakarta in one step. Hanging garden will be located in a center of industrial district. For a further development it will be located in the center of business district and in trading district all over Jakarta. We located in such hectic area to provide a relaxation area as public facilities to run away with the hard working condition. There are some private space that located in the garden to provide the privacy for the people to do some relaxation alone. Actually the garden itself hopefully can be a relaxation area because basically human intends to go to the nature whenever they get depressed. We do the relaxation treatment for the peoples by using their 4 senses. Seeing the green things as a psychological color of healing, hearing the sounds of nature which is calming down, smelling the fresh air from the garden, and also touching the natural things. The hanging garden also will be integrated by the existing facilities that government had been developed such as the busway transportation. Hanging garden will be located in across the main street district by following the pattern of busway public transportation stations and connecting each building with the pedestrian walk above the street. So people will prefer to have a walk to go after another building than driving their private vehicle. Hopefully by planning this project, we can solve the stress-free area problem as the main purpose and cover the green space area, transportation, pollution, and flood problem as an additional result.

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