day 2. stress-free space in Jakarta ‘Hectic Center’ city

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day 2. stress-free space in Jakarta ‘Hectic Center’ city

Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by stefanimeriama

Jakarta is Indonesian people’s center of life. Everything happening in this city and everything gotta move quickly. Like someone’s heart beating so rapidly because he must run away from something behind him. Hum….. And just imagine this: Jakarta has an area of -more less- 661 km2 and it has around 8,490,000 peoples who lives in there. How crowded is it,isn’t it…? Then, when the work day come over, especially every morning and afternoon, and you going down to the street -CONGRATULATION..- you’ll be stuck with called MACET in Indonesia, or traffic jam – if u don’t understand. More peoples, more vehicles, so, more pollutions, of course. Many problems in Jakarta.

Yup, that’s Jakarta, but what I wanna conclude now is how hectic Jakarta and I think you’ll agree with me that this situation will make peoples who live around Jakarta under high pressure – they gonna be really really stress.

So, my team and I, we planned a stress-free area to make Jakarta a better city and a better life in there. We tried to analyze every factor that related with our main topic. This is our early story board.

Our site will gonna be in business area because we can see that this area have high mobilization, high traffic, high pollution, and high pressure. What we gonna do in that area is make a space facilitating business area that can reduce stress, give refreshment and inspiration by integrating with the existing facility. This area will like vertical garden that can connecting the buildings around there.

These is the sketches how the space gonna be look like, but of course not exactly like this. We still try to explore more over about the site, the shape, and the everything.

Well… yaa.. these is all about day 2.. Ciu tomorrow.

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