Day 2- Making Jakarta a more culturally engaging city with citizens participation!

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Day 2- Making Jakarta a more culturally engaging city with citizens participation!

Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by feliciasetijono

How will we do it?

By creating sense of belonging–> together we can make the change.
Because in Jakarta, people tend to be individually, they don’t really care about the society or their own city,
they are to busy fulfilling their own needs. But actually we believe that they want more for life than fulfilling their needs.
Our idea (roughly and need extra revised):
-by using ‘trash’. why? because in Jakarta, there is a big gap between the rich and poor.
Producing trash is something that everyone do no matter how rich or poor are you.
How?(roughly and need extra revised)
- by attracting them with what they want (the rich–> pride, the poor–>needs and entertainment),
then after we gather the citizen, we’ll educate them to create something that is bigger than themselves for the society, and without them, this something will not be done.
Example: the rich: by exchanging the trash that they have, they can get a tree with their names on it as a reward (pride), depending on how much they participate. The poor: by exchanging the trash that they have to get their entertainment and needs.
For both of the: in jakarta the most common trash are plastics. we can use it to build modules, the modules will be used to create the community center from each area of Jakarta linking to each other. Maybe we can use the trees to be the structures of the modules, creating a new world on the trees, yet also creating a green lane around the city for a better environment.
butt we still have lots of negative side of this solution…
Maybe we’ll figure out something that can solve this thing. On progress….. ;D
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