Day 2 -Fritz ~Still Find a Way to Make Jakarta Citizens to Know Their “Sense of Belongin”.

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Day 2 -Fritz ~Still Find a Way to Make Jakarta Citizens to Know Their “Sense of Belongin”.

Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by fritzkurniawan

On the process to find better solution to create Jakarta as Culturally Engaging City, we found that Jakarta citizens is lacks of “Sense if Belonging”. Most of people didn’t recognize what are they had before, or even now it might be can disappeared. It is caused by the ego personality of the citizens that create the boundaries at each people. At this case, It will create a social difference and may cause hatred between the rich with the poor.

Shortly, how to explained the  problem can be tell as:

1. The interaction between citizen decrease and gone.

2. People will became selfish and sceptic to the each other that make them hard to appreciate.

3. The Citizen won’t care with their neighbour or maybe with the surrounding.

4. It create the social difference between the rich and the poor that cause hatred.

At first, we conclude that the citizen that rich and the poor one must have some community center that make the help each other. Some of them may give the opportunity to make the interact which might create the good opportunity to know each other. But the problem is….. even if the already meet, how to make them want to know each other. Mostly the rich people is thinking about themself, they don’t care much about the poor one. This is a problem that cause the social difference that make poor people hate the rich. If we can found what would make the rich people know the problem of the poor one, there might be a solution for them (like give a job, know the ‘poor’ problems, etc).

Most of the our thoughts think that the best part to make this realized is creating a center or meeting point-like which build like park or community hall. but the hardest part is… what is the inside of the park or hall that would make the rich and the old one can joined together that will make Jakarta better at future. If this problem can be solved and happen, Jakarta will increase in many aspect, as social, health, economy, culture, or many more that would make Jakarta is a good place for living and Tourist from other country to come to Jakarta as a good city. This would create Jakarta Culture as city with strong ties between citizen and society so their “Sense of Belonging” to Jakarta city will make them love and proud to this city. The people will not care again about difference, they will act as one and thought one same thing that make Jakarta even better for all people.

“One for All, All for One” from “The Three Muskeeters” by Alexandre Dumas, 1844

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