3rd Day -oh no…. confused again?!?

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3rd Day -oh no…. confused again?!?

Wednesday, 19 de May de 2010, by fritzkurniawan

After a day we had trouble to find what is the real problem lies in Jakarta…. our team discovered on problem that cause jakarta lack his ‘Sense of Belonging’. Jakarta citizen is need a really good time that make them keep relaxed and peaceful. Most of them is lack of good time caused by many problem that created inside Jakarta like traffic jam, air pollution, and many more…. but suddenly we lost our way about the main problem that we tried to solved. We back again to beginning point that make us discover that Jakarta citizen need really most is a calm, peaceful, good interaction between citizen, and maybe many more…. –”

At first, i thought that the citizen in Jakarta might really need that and maybe it is a way to make them relaxed from all of the work and Jakarta situation…. but no again… we back again to beginning, confused what are we really trying to do… I hope we find the real problem that lies in Jakarta. It’s complicated and more sophisticated, that we know is Jakarta is full of problem that is hard to concealed. It’s not easy to understand Jakarta, especially the citizen needs…. Who knows…. –”

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