Day 1 –Jakarta 24-Hours City of Hectic-

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Day 1 –Jakarta 24-Hours City of Hectic-

Tuesday, 18 de May de 2010, by irving

Basically, Jakarta is one of the complicated cities in Indonesia or maybe in the world. As the capital city of Indonesia, it becomes the center of development in many sectors, such as politic, economic, and business. Because of Jakarta become the center of development, it become a necessity to have a good city planning to support all sector development. But in fact, Jakarta is not really good at city plan that can be seen on the transportation which always caused a traffic in almost all high traffic street and the traffic waste cause the air pollution in the city. Second is the water system problem that usually caused a flood in almost all area in Jakarta in rainy season. The lack of hydration area becomes one of cause of the flood in Jakarta. There are many more problem in Jakarta like slump area within the city, uncontrollable increasing number of population, the gap between the high and the low society, and identity crisis as one of Indonesia’s city. All of these problems mix in one city of Jakarta and it is a total hectic in city.

Those kind of condition doesn’t suitable for a city to be lived at. The condition can influence individuals’ mood and create certain negative emotions, pressure, and of course it is a hard working condition to pass. Those negative responses from the individual emotions can affect in a long-term affect which is stress. People can’t maximize their brain capacity or even they can’t work with stressful condition. Those conditions can decrease the number of potential workers in the industry and it can be a fatal impact to the Indonesian’s growth.

Based on that fact that I’ve been searching today, I have a prediction about the Jakarta’s future that full with desperate individuals that had been caused by long stress condition. The human resources maybe in the red list amount, and it will need certain space that can neutralize or at least reduce a little bit of stress factor in human mind. That space not only can reduce the stress amount from the human mind but also prevent the surroundings to cause that stress effect by reducing the hectic from Jakarta.

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