Welcome to Jakarta!

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Welcome to Jakarta!

Monday, 17 de May de 2010, by Alejandro Norniella

UHP’s campus is relatively small, which is unusual in Jakarta, where everything tends to be big – very big. Karawaci is located in a quiet residential area in Tangerang west of the city just a few miles from the center. However – distance in Jakarta doesn’t really matter. What counts here is the traffic. Early in the morning you can reach the financial district in about 45 minutes by car. During the rest of the day it is impossible to make that same journey in less than two hours. Patience is essential on the roads in Jakarta, especially at peak hours, where several million people move at the same time.

If New York is the city that never sleeps, Jakarta is the city that never blinks. It is constantly alive, making sometimes hard to figure out whether it is day or night. Cars, heat, people, life in general does not stop for a second. And when it seems that it is going to stop….everything starts again.

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