Day 1-Jakarta-a culturally engaging city?

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Day 1-Jakarta-a culturally engaging city?

Monday, 17 de May de 2010, by feliciasetijono

The topic that we choose is:

“How do we make Jakarta a more culturally engaging city? Can citizens participate in urban projects developing the city?”

It’s a wide topic, we do some research today, trying to acknowledge our city and the citizen in an honest way, in negative or positive perspectives.

In the end, we try to write some points for this case:

-Connecting the cultural points in Jakarta, because Jakarta is a very complicated city (the traffics, complicated roads,  a very messy infrastructure, no public services etc)

-We want Indonesian citizen to have a sense of belongings to the city, because nowdays indonesia citizen don’t have it. That’s why our public facilities don’t work properly.

-Honest culture. We want to explore the real culture of the city, is not only what you see on the media, but the real experience of the city. Jakarta is a very cultural city where all the people from other region of Indonesia come, stay and craving for money.

That’s all for today.

Ivan Christianto, Fritz, Mariska Adriana, Felicia Setijono

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