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Better city, better life

Monday, 17 de May de 2010, by Alejandro Norniella


Jakarta is a big city and is highly populated. It has many problems. Jakarta is also heavily influenced by the western culture and globalization and is losing its identity.

Jakarta has been a city desperately trying to provide its citizens with what they like, its time to given them what they need. For a better city that provides a better life standards.

This workshop is organized to initiate investigation thoroughly the core problems within Jakarta; what makes it so uncomfortable and uninspiring to live. And to use and explore design, fusing together with its local culture to create solutions for these problems.

We are looking for long-term solution, ideas for the next 5-20 years to make Jakarta, a better place to live.


1.- Public Spaces vs private space? Does building more shoppong center is what we need? Or more parks?

2.- How to prevent ourselves from natural disaster? How can Jakarta contribute on preventing global warming? How can we reduce pollution?

3.- Does widening road create less traffic? Create bikes lanes, or improve public transport, or is there any other solution?

4.- Does injecting more western culture reminds us even more towards our own culture? Jakarta is a rich culture; why not use that to make Jakarta different instead of having Starbucks and McDonals on every corner just like other cities.

5.- Quality and freshness vs. quantity and convenience, does everything that is sold in big numbers are always better than a humble homegrown crop? Rejuvenate local markets with local produced-based on community areas.

6.- What is the solution to commute around Jakarta? Motorcycle vs Alphards? Air pollutin vs noise pollution?

7.- Local products vs imported brandes goods? Create local market, save craftments vs imported soulless products

8.- How do we create stress-free space within the city?

9.- How do we promote a healthy living in Jakarta? Through space, architecture, urban areas, street furniture, etc

10.- How do we make Jakarta a more culturally engaging city? Can citizens participate in urban projects developing the city?

In the end, how do we want to brand Jakarta?

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