1st day – Fritz ~How to Make Jakarta a More Culturally Engaging City~

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1st day – Fritz ~How to Make Jakarta a More Culturally Engaging City~

Monday, 17 de May de 2010, by fritzkurniawan

*How to Make Jakarta became a Culturally Engaging City, by make the citizens can participate into urban projects developing the city.

Jakarta is one of the city with the most populated area and visited by a lot of people from other country. Its filled with a mixed of culture in one city caused of a lot kind of people with different ethnic. But the problem in Jakarta itself cause the people who live in Jakarta became not to knowing the identity of the city. Most of the people didn’t know or even identify the rich which lies in their city. That would make them hard to feel the identity and culture inside Jakarta that affected to the tourist from other part of the world. Most of them hard to tell and not knowing the real culture which is lies in Jakarta. People of Jakarta can build or create the better way to know Jakarta as a mix of culture, art, and socialized city which has a good view for the tourist. With this recognition to Jakarta, People will appreciate the rich of culture and heritage that Jakarta is rich if culture and it will easier to known in the world, as a city with has real and honest culture.

* At First, to make people know about the living inside of Jakarta that they should make the part of the city can be connected each other. Each of them provide with information that tell the heritage and culture which contained inside. People will easy to know and even recognise them as the part of Jakarta. They will know and easier to understand Jakarta and appreciate it.

* Second, with the make of the connection above will easier to create the appreciation and make the people of Jakarta know their sense of belonging about their stuff. People itself must create a mindset that make them to organize and know what are they belong to. It will make them to participate to protect their stuff and make theme proud with their culture. They even not to shy or hide their culture from other country, instead their will show that they are proud and protect their heritage.

*Culture itself is the heritage of each nation. Jakarta as a center of Indonesia has mix of culture which is a real culture. It means the Jakarta has a lot of culture and live side by side in the community. By protect and save them, it will create great prospect for Indonesia as a part of world which has a good community to another country. Indonesia will known as a country which is has culture as a part of Indonesian Heritage.

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